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Canadian Student Visa

Applying for a visa to study in Canada provides an opportunity to learn in one of the most vibrant and exciting locations in the world.Each year around 130,000 students choose to conduct their studies in the country, in addition to many more who apply for a Canadian visa in order to learn English or French.

Canadian student visas will give you the benefit of working on campus, and enjoy living in Canada, visas of this kind enable you to submit an application for a student visa extension when you are already in the country.BBMS's highly experienced immigration legal team, will help you through every step when securing a Canadian study visa. While broadening your horizons by applying for a Canadian study permit, it may also benefit you once you are in the country.

In some circumstances, such as short term studying for periods of less than six months, study visas are not required. However, having one will allow you to extend your time in the country should you wish to further your studies. Without a permit, it would be necessary to return home and submit a new application. Also, although they are not regarded as work visas, Canadian student permits will allow you to work part time on the campus of the educational institution with which you are registered.



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